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Military assault of Turkey and Albania against Greece by September 2015, and the TRUE role of ‘’ISIS’’. To the idiots of Turkish ‘’MIT’’ intelligence service , and to idiotic suicidal Jews.

Military assault of Turkey and Albania against Greece by September 2015, and the TRUE role of ‘’ISIS’’.  To the idiots of Turkish  ‘’MIT’’ intelligence service , and to idiotic suicidal Jews.

Imminent war of the armies of the Mongolian Islamic axis of B.A.S.T.R (Bulgaria-Albania-Skopje-Turkey-Romania),as part of the JIHAD state of ‘’ISIS’’, against Greece in September 2015. Planned massacre of the Greeks of W.Thrace,  Macedonia, S.Ipirus, Thessaly ,W.Central Greece up to Mesologgi, Ionian islands, Aegean islands. Difficulty cancelling the above mentioned national catastrophe by G.H.REES ‘S ‘’first-class mental war’’  due to acts of treason and  lack of support of the Neo-Greeks against GHREES.

Volos 20/5/15.

Skopje is ‘’playing with fire’’ due to an armed uprising of the Albanians in Tettovo, demanding that Skopjan Tettovo be annexed to Albania for the ultimate creation of ‘’Albania Great’’ !!!!!!!!!!!!. This uprising of the Albanians in Skopje was ordered by the Albanian government on Turkish prime minister Erdogan’s recommendations during his last visit to Albania. The initial plan was to bisect Skopje , to annex  W.Skopje to Albania , as well as to annex E.Skopje to Bulgaria , which means that the unconditional demands of the Bulgarian –speaking Skopjans against Greece , will be incorporated into those of Bulgaria against Greece, that is, Bulgaria’s long awaited exit into the Aegean . It also means that the armed forces of Skopje will be incorporated into the Bulgarian army against Greece.
Last week, the government of Albania demanded that Greece ceases its search for oil in the Ionian sea inside Greek territorial waters!!!!!!!!!, and inside the Greek territory of S.Ipirus, north of Ioannina!!!!!!!!, claiming that the above mentioned waters and territories belong to Albania, in particular to Albanian ‘’ Tsamides’’. Through its demands , Albania demands an alteration of the Greek-Albanian border to its advantage , and is taking the first step towards , through an act of war, the annexation of the Greek Southern Epirus to ‘’ Albania Great’’. The above demands , literally pertaining to an alteration of the Greek-Albanian border was issued to Athens by Albania, following Erdogan's last visit to Albania, where he (as a typical Greek-Pontiac traitor) , had several meetings with the 'PDIU'' party of Albanian ''Tsamides''.  

‘’Blockade’’ of Albania                     regarding Greece’s search for oil in the Ionian sea.     Albanian dispute over territories and border issues with Greece.

Presently, and while joint Russian-Chinese navy drills are under way in the eastern Mediterranean supposedly for the protection of Cyprus’ exclusive economic zone from Turkish threats, Turkey has taken a step too far in terms of constant , daily violations of Greek territorial waters as well as Greek air space up to 6 miles from shore, carried out by both Turkish air force and navy , which is taking the form of an ‘’invasion’’ of Turkey against Greek sovereignty. The Greek government of ‘’SY.RI.ZA’’ is deliberately and traitorously keeping quiet about the general preparations of Turkey and rest of B.A.S.T.R  for war against Greece , to take place in September of 2015 or prior, based on information passed on to GHREES  by Greek-American patriots of various American services. The above unprecedented  Turkish wave of violations and invasion of Greek territories  provides proof as to the blatant lies of CHINA pertaining to the  supposed ‘’ Chinese navy presence in the E.Mediterranean for the protection of Cyprus against the Turkish threat’’, as both Turkey and China have co-signed a ‘’bilateral defence treaty’’ that can materialize through joint Turkish/Chinese air force drills on Turkish soil. This defence treaty has never been cancelled.

Anatolian Eagle:  Joint Turkish-Chinese air force drills... to consider:                            

Recent informal ‘’Pact’’ between USA-Syria-Iran against the Islamic jihad  state of ‘’ISIS’’. Not being familiar with the Chinese-Hebrew behind-the-scenes conspiracy plan, geostrategic analysts refer to the above ‘’pact’’ as ‘’utterly insane’’ , given that they are well aware that the Jihad movement was funded and supported by the USA-Turkey-Israel-Saudi Arabia.
However, on close inspection, one can see that sporadic aerial bombardment of U.S air force against Jihad SOUNITIC targets , are not aimed at their destruction , but rather the eventual strengthening of their fanaticism , so that they are finally able to take Baghdad in order to establish there the ‘’Semitic Chalifate’’ where JIHAD or ‘’Holy War’’ will be declared against two enemies: 1…. Against the ‘’Christian crusaders’’, i.e USA+NATO Europe, and 2…..against  ‘’SIITES’’ islamists , that is pseudo Hebrews, and the governments of Iran-Iraq-Pakistan, and against the ‘’SIITES’’ through non-Hebrew government of Syrian president Assad (despite the fact that 80% of Syrians are ‘’SOUNITES’’).
The result of all of this is the following insane and chaotic situation made up by Jewish Saxon Rabbis and English lords (AOA) , Hebrew-Saxon university lecturers of USA and England, all of whom are members of Hebrew Saxon masonic lodges of ‘’AOA’’ and ‘’OTO’’ of London , and ‘’NSA’’ hyper-government of the USA , under command of ‘’HONG’’ of CHINA, whose primary role is the provocation and outbreak of WW III between the following two adversaries : ‘US.E.J ( USA- EUROPE-JAPAN or 666), and R.I.C ( RUSSIA-ISLAMIC ‘’SIITIC’’ STATES-CHINA or 888).
According to the above planning of WWIII, no islamic ‘’SOUNITIC’’ state will take part in this war , such as ‘’ISIS’’ jihadists, Saudi Arabia, Turkey (Chanafite school of ‘’SOUNITIC’’ islam), and other, since they will already have dissolved. However, in order for the ‘’SOUNITIC’’ Islamic states to dissolve via military counterattack of ‘’SIITIC’’ governments and states , as well as via an attack of non-islamic forces , i.e USA and other, according to ‘’HONG’’ , ‘’AOA’’ and ‘’OTO’’ of London , and ‘’NSA’’ of USA, these sounitic forces must be funded, supported and fanaticized in order for them to commit crimes of war and crimes against humanity , which will justify their total demise by the counterattacking ‘’SIITIC’’ forces ( Iran-Iraq-Syria) as well as non-islamic forces such as USA and other.
The SOUNITIC state of the jihadists of ‘’ISIS’’ is nearing the completion of its above mentioned crimes through the upcoming ‘’ Baghdad massacre’’. It has been programmed by ‘’HONG’’, ‘’AOA’’, ‘’OTO’’ and ‘’NSA’’ that the SOUNITIC state of Turkey completes the above mentioned crimes after the invasion of the armies of BASTR against Greece ,and the slaughtering of half the population of Greece masterplanned by the American Pentagon by order of the ‘’NSA’’.  As soon as all of the above crimes of the SOUNITIC states  (ISIS-TURKEY-SAUDI ARABIA-QATAR-etc) have been committed , ‘’HONG’’, ‘’AOA’’, ‘’OTO’’ of London , ‘’NSA’’ of USA , the Hebrew government of Moscow, China and the pseudo Hebrew governments of SIITIC Islamic states  (IRAN etc.), have already decided on the military assault against  ALL  NON-SOUNITIC Islamic states of the planet , against the SOUNITIC states that is against Turkey –ISIS-Saudi Arabia-Qatar , and ALL national SOUNITIC Arab regimes , for their total dissolution and demise.
When this takes place, the Russian military and NATO (USA + EUROPE) , will unite as allies in Eastern Thrace for the extermination of the Turkish army , the total demise of the Turkish state along with the demise of the rest of the countries of BASTR (Bulgaria-Albania-Skopje-Turkey-Romania), and will eventually give back to Greece the territories it had lost during the war with BASTR, in an attempt to promote the ‘’Greek Empire of Constantinople 666’’, so that this ‘’empire’’ will attack as ‘’LEADER of the NATO/SEATO’’, against the trilateral R.I.C  (‘’I’’ stands for only SIITIC Islamic states), and so that the counterattacking R.I.C will genocide the innocent civilians of US.E.J on the basis of ‘’Genocide of the satanic Anti-Christ nations 666” of the West , that is , Holy War, with Greece being the first up for genocide as the ‘’seat and creator of the anti-christ religion of the Christian-dodecatheon 666 of the ‘EPSILONS’’’.
Besides GHREES, the above has been confirmed and verified by Hebrew-Saxon objectors of the ‘’NSA’’ of the USA , university lecturers, who passed it on to Greek-Americans having been convinced , through GHREES documents, that if WWIII does break out then the Chinese  (888) and Korean (777) armies will ALSO genocide the Hebrews and Saxons  (Hebrews of the ‘’Ten-tribe kingdom of Samaria’’), as  ‘’non-pure members of the yellow race’’, that is a Mongolian-white cross breed.
Conclusion:   Today the Jews  (Juda and Benjamin) and the Saxons of the rest ten tribes of Israel  (of the USA), are stupidly funding , under orders of ‘’HONG’’ of CHINA, and providing military coverage and equipment to ‘’ISIS’’ of criminal aggressive SOUNITIC Islam, and blatantly defending SIITIC Islam of Iran-Iraq-Syria in a double conspiracy game which, through WWIII, will result in its ultimate inevitable genocide by the CHINESE (888) and KOREAN(777) armies.
The idiots of Turkish ‘’MIT’’ and schizophrenic Erdogan , not realizing the above mentioned double game and trap of the Jews and Saxons of the ‘’NSA’’ of the USA, are leading Turkey and rest nations of BASTR to their ultimate demise and death , following the invasion of BASTR and the fanatic criminals of ‘’ISIS’’ against Greece (through Turkey) for the massacre of half the Greek population. Likewise , the royal family of Saudi Arabia is ‘’committing suicide’’ by funding and supporting criminal ‘’ISIS’’ as it will be the primary cause of the demise and death of the people of Saudi Arabia.
Action to be taken in Greece: Instructions and orders have already been handed out by GHREES as to an administrative change in Greece aimed at the survival of the Greek people, rest of nations of the white and black races , and those of Mongolian nations, ALL to be genocided by CHINESE ‘’HONG’’ in WWIII of 2023. GHREES played the role of a ‘’high-powered engine’’ too difficult for the simple mind to follow. Sadly, not enough intelligent Greeks turned up so as to take over and carry out the task !!!!!.  Even more sadly, neo-Greeks betrayed GHREES’S mental war proving to be nothing more than traitorous ‘’support brigades’’ , leaving the GHREES office in Volos practically without stationery, electricity, water supply, food, clothing, medical treatment and with no money to cover the bare essentials. Overthrowing the above planned genocide  (by ‘’HONG’’) of the Greeks by the armies of BASTR as well as the genocide of 5 billion non-yellow civilians in WWIII , is still feasible through the use of mental warfare in which foreign governments are informed by GHREES through a constant array of special announcements-texts per government. All you neo-Greeks , should you continue to behave as if all is well , even after the latest alarming events in the area of the Balkans and the Middle East, you will be foolishly massacred by BASTR and ISIS which , by the way, is already present in camps in the countries of BASTR .
The only way to survive is to start functioning  as ‘’support brigades’’ of GHREES , so that GHREES will have the proper and necessary material to conduct mental warfare
Karageorgiou Giannis,  GHREES representative, vice general of national and planetary security .
P.S (1):
Yesterday, 20/5/15, prime minister Gruevski of Skopje held a meeting of the government party of ‘’VMRO’’, bearing the flag of the ‘’VERGINA sun’’ and flags-maps of the ‘’Triple Macedonia unification, Aegean (Greece)-Pirin (Bulgaria)-Skopje (FYROM)’’, as well as provocative slogans pertaining to ‘’The unification of the three Macedonians into one with Skopje being the capital’’, in violation of ‘’The intermediary agreement between Skopje and Greece in 1995’’. This ‘’Macedonian unification into one Bulgarian-speaking  Slavic Macedonia’’, is led by Bulgaria , a member of BASTR, through an already planned joint military invasion of Bulgarian and Skopjan armies against Greece. GHREES are informed , by Greek-American patriots and Hebrew-Saxon objectors of the ‘’NSA’’ , that the supposed conflict between the Albanian and Skopje governments is FAKE, PREFABRICATED, and in COLLUSION with TIRANA and SKOPJE. Albanians are the descendants of Hungarian Mongols ( Ghenghis Khan) while Bulgarians and Bulgarian-Skopjens are the descendants of the Mongolian horde of ‘’ Petseneghis’’ , and aim at putting the Greeks to sleep (through this fake ,so-called conflict), so that Greeks do not take precautionary defence measures against the planned invasion of BASTR against Greece in September of 2015, covering all land and sea borders.
Geostrategics researcher and friend of GHREES , Aggelos Germenis predicts the declaration of ‘’MARTIAL LAW’’ in the US and Europe by September 2015.
The above ‘’improbable scenario’’ seems highly likely to almost certain according to the current events of : the already happening jixadist invasion/infiltration of European nations for the commitment of terrorist acts , as well as the simultaneous uprising of Afro-American islamists in the USA.
In its past documents and texts, GHREES had predicted the deportation of all islamists from Europe and USA, which would result in the cessation of Islamic oil exports to Europe and the US, and the destruction of both European and US economies on account of an energy shortage, resulting in the military invasion of Europe and USA against Islamic nations , in WWIII, for the capture and occupation of Islamic oil wells/refineries.
Religious differences between SOUNITIC Islam and SIITIC Islam.  Sounitic Islam regards the ‘’ Koran’’ as the only authentic texts in which ‘’ Mohammad’’ wrote in his last excerpt that: ‘’There is only one God and his prophet is Mohhammad, after whom there will be no other prophet-Messiah’’. To manipulate Islam , Hebrew Rabbis deleted/removed the above excerpt from the ‘’Koran’’, so that, by founding crypto-Hebrew Siitism which would prophesise the coming of a second prophet-Messiah of Islam, they would change the nationally broken-up pieces of Sounitic Islam into an international Islamic ultra-nation as a means of establishing an ‘’International Sionistic/Zion, hyper-world government’’.  Based on facts , there is now proof that the above mentioned Hebrew plot was and is nothing more than Rabbi nonsense, because what is now feverishly prepared  is not an ‘’International Sionistic hyper-government’’, but rather a ‘’ Global Sino-Chinese government’’ who has masterminded the genocide of ALL Hebrews and ALL Saxons of the planet, on the grounds of their being  ‘’non-yellow, that is, they are white-yellow Mongols’’. Korea ( 777) is ‘’SPONSOR’’ of the transition of 666 (New World Order-West) to 888 ( New World of CHINA and the ultimate, inevitable CHINESE dominance of the planet).

New World of Draconian China..

P.S (4):
This entire text is to be translated by Greek immigrants overseas into the local languages of their countries, and to be sent via e-mail or post to ALL governments, to ALL military authorities, ALL police authorities, ALL intelligence services and national security bureaus of those countries.
Friends of GHREES inform GHREES that ‘’Rapid Share’’ webpage has deleted or removed the previously stored there multi-page GHREES documents. This is blatant Chinese/Hebrew treachery and  Rabbinic stupidity aimed at concealing the ultimate geo-economic, geopolitical, and geostrategic truth regarding the global Chinese/Hebrew and Chinese/Saxon conspiracy for the outbreak and waging of a Balkan war against Greece in 2015, and WWIII in 2023. Readers wishing to have access to these ‘’forbidden ‘’ documents now gone from the site are advised to contact ‘’’’ webpage , and ask to be sent the 2 (two) GHREES e-library DVDs at a cost of 50 euro.

Karageorgiou Giannis,
GHREES representative , 12 Elpidos str. Nea Ionia , Volos, Greece. Tel: 698 36 579 54.
The ultimate e-library of planet earth is now available . Answers to everything , i.e the reason for our existence , where we are heading , and the role of “Anthrop” (Man) on the planets!!!!!.
‘’Lighthouse of Alexandria’’ e-library is made up of 2DVDs containing no less than 3855 archives in 433 files!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

To be continued.................

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SUBJECT: It seems there is a mystery concerning president Putin’s current whereabouts!!!, so where, is president "Putin" ? And the stupid traitors self-made crooks bluff-makers "Geostrategic analysts" of the ass, "Epsilon":  Isaiah Konstantinides manager of the newspaper "Eleftheri Ora" (Free Time), and Stephanos Hios manager of the newspaper "Makeleio" (Massacre), against the Planet and Greek National Security.-

DOCUMENT: The "SUBJECT" is injuring the above mentioned two crooks, because naturally we must speak of "Gang of Geostrategic crooks" in which other "Epsilon" articles editors are ALSO participating, of the above mentioned 2 newspapers, as "Top Media" of "Epsilon", and Monks of "Holy (Satanic Jehovic)  Mount Khalkidhiki" under Demonic Catalepsy ("Channeling"), of Demons of Yahweh - Sendai (.Liakopoulos) - Jendai - Sin - Zion - Sina (China) - Jed - Jade - Jude - Judas, Dragonian Galactic Arch-Criminal and "Supreme Deity" of Hebrews - Saxons - Masons - and Chinese, parapsychologists Mediums Magicians under same Demonic Catalepsy of the type of the fat-ass crook Palmos".-
All the above mentioned Geostrategic crooks are rehashing in their disgusting false articles the same lie, as a lie catastrophic for the Planet and Greek National Security, namely that allegedly "there is real enmity and conflict between the "USA + European Union" and "Russia", namely between the hebrewsaxons of "Washington + Brussels", and the Hebrews of Moscow, such as the mongol-hebrew Vladimir Putin.-

Moreover, in an apotheosis of Geostrategic fraud and stupidity, the silly-cunning  Stephanos Hios "manager" of "Makeleio" (, in the paper of 23/3/2015 of "Makeleio", page 13, bearing the title: "The "big" European Countries in the "Asiatic" Bank ("AIIB" -  ASIAN INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENT BANK") of China", is stating TRUE GEO-ECONOMIC INFORMATION, which de facto contradicts the GEOSTRATEGIC LIE - FRAUD about "Beginning of World War 3 NOW under the pretext of . Ukraine", a lie which the above mentioned stupid analyst is promoting in his "Makeleio" newspaper articles, based on the Chinese - Hebrew-Saxonic Fraud of "HONG" China and of "AOA" London, about alleged "Real Conflict between "USA + E.U." and "Russia". Because it is not possible for China to design the entrance of the European Countries to the "AIIB" with a 5 year programmed outlook of European Funds absorption "for the development of Asia" !!! and at the same time the Hebrews (Washington + Brussels) and . Moscow as a member of the United Economic Policy of "Shanghai Pact" or R.I.C. (Russia + Islamic Countries + China), to provoke NOW the beginning of World War 3 between the  West and Russia - as they are yelling, amongst  others, the terror-merchants Monks of the "Holy (Satanic Jehovic)  Mount Khalkidhiki" , and the Stupidity "Nobel " prize winners Hios and Konstantinides of "Makeleio" and "Eleftheri Ora".-
The above mentioned Geostrategic crooks, in order to "prove" their lie about the alleged "real enmity between "USA + E.U." and Russia", they are continuously dealing in "Makeleio" and in "Eleftheri Ora", with the "Disappearance of  Putin", with the "double of Putin", and with .crazy Russian fairy tales, by writing clear allusions that "Western secret agents murdered Putin".-
In a second apotheosis of stupidity, Stephanos Hios, in an article of "Eleftheri Ora" this time (reporters ."gang-bang" of the "Media" of "Epsilon") of the other stupid Konstantinides, in the paper of 23/3/2015, page 3, with title "Why the West wants to "murder" Putin?", and with subtitle "Why the people who know, say that Russia is preparing for War", is falsely and stupidly claiming that "The West is disliking Putin because Putin didn't allow the western multi-national companies to rob the mineral wealth of Russia".- (!!!)
This is the fairy tale with which - the Chinese "HONG" and the Hebrew politicians of "Washington + Brussels" and Moscow - are justifying the conflict between Russia and West.- 

The Geostrategic Truth is that although indeed Russia is preparing for War, but NOT for "Defense in an outbreak of World War 3". Russia in reality is preparing for "invasion against the Baltic countries, Lithuania, Latonia, Estonia" under the pretext that "The combat forces of "NATO" which are gathered in the Baltic Countries, are way too much in defense of those countries against the "Russian Threat" and therefore are comprising an assault threat against Russia which should respond with "Preemptive War" of Russia against those Baltic Countries".-

In this context, the recent "Disappearance of Putin", is a tactic of "provocateur Bluff" of Kremlin, in order to give the impression to the "NATO + USA Pentagon" Generals that there is "a power VOID in Russia" and that there is a chance of deploying  ADDITIONAL EXCESSIVE FORCES OF "NATO" to the Baltic Countries", namely exactly what the  Kremlin awaits and CRAFTLY PROVOKES TO HAPPEN, in order to justify the "Preemptive Assault" of Russia against the Baltic Countries.-
The Generals of USA and of the "European Union", although they are hebrewsaxons, they are "not-initiated" to the above "provocateur Bluff" of Kremlin, that has been ordered to the hebrewsaxons politicians of London ("AOA"), Washington - and Brussels from "HONG" China, through "AOA" London and the Hebrew Lodge "Great Oak" of New York.
By "HONG" China and from "AOA" London,it  has been planned for the "Preemptive Assault" of Russia against the Baltic Countries, to not be the beginning of World War 3, but to simply be the cumulative cause of World War 3. The outbreak of World War 3 has been planned to take place after the year 2020 - with other cumulative causes: Ukraine, Georgia, Moldavia, Poland, etc.-
The unpremeditated act of treason of the above mentioned stupid neo-greeks pseudo-Geostrategic pseudo-analysts, is that through their fairy tales about the "Outbreak of World War 3 NOW",  they are disorienting the Greek Armed Forces from the Utmost Urgent need for  Defense against  the Assault of the B.A.S.T./R. axis (Bulgaria - Albania - Skopje - Turkey - Romania) against Greece, as an assault that has been masterplanned  by "HONG" China and "AOA" London , to realize before the outbreak of World War 3, with a time difference of "Seven+ years between the 2 Wars". - END .-

For G.H.REES: Karageorgiou Ch. Ch. Yannis, G.H.REES Representative, General of National + Planet Security of G.H.REES

P.S.1: Americanhebrew and Saxons University Professors, members of "NSA" (NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY) .
[As true government of USA, persuaded from the G.H.REES documents which state that in World War 3 between "NATO + SEATO" (trilateral US.E.J. : USA - Europe - Japan) and "Shanghai Pact" or R.I.C. (Russia - Islam - China), with new timeline of World War 3 outbreak the years 2023 - 2024, the Hebrews and Saxons, as intermixed white-yellow Mongols, will be annihilated completely together with the armies of "NATO + SEATO" by the armies of China (888) and United Korea (777), with the criteria of "Yellow racial cleanness" in the Third Phase of World War 3, namely after the Second Phase of World War 3, with an annihilation program  from the Chinese and Korean Armies against the Russians and Islamists of White + Black Race allies of China inside the R.I.C. axis]
G.H.REES have been notified through Greek-American patriots that "The Russian mongol-hebrew president Putin or Pu(jas)tin or Pu(ja)nin, governs Russia, by obeying continuously till today, to the orders of the "Global King of the Jews", Archrabbi Varuh or Baruch of USA, having as its ultimate  purpose the -in collusion- preparation of World War 3 between the axis of US.E.J. and R.I.C., under the supreme commands of the Chinese "HONG", with intermediator of those commands the hebrewsaxonic lodge "AOA" (Adeptis Ordo Atlantis) of London.-
The Second submission of Russia to the Baruch of USA, began under Nikita Khrushchev, with the period of Stalin as an  interval between First and Second, who attempted to overthrow the Baruch of USA, and to become himself the "Global King of the Jews", namely "Caliph in place of the Caliph".

P.S.2: G.H.REES calls all the recipients of the present document to translate it into the Russian Language and to the rest European languages, and to send it in electronic and in paper form to the Russian military patriots, and to the USA military patriots and those  of the European Countries.

P.S.3: G.H.REES calls Greeks to send the present document to all the offices and to the parliament members of the "Independent Greeks" (Anexartitoi Ellines - political party) with enclosed instruction:
"To deliver it to the hands of the defense minister Mr. Kammenos, in order for him to order the peripheral fortification of Greece along the entire length of the Greek inland and marine borders, because Greece is about to receive Assault of the B.A.S.T./R. axis armies with inland invasions and aeronautical landing operations in the Aegean and Ionian seas, aiming at  the takeover of Greek territorial areas, west up to Mesologgi, and east up to Lamia (As G.H.REES was informed by the objectors of "NSA - USA"), with simultaneous coordinated armed revolt of the foreign immigrants inside Greece, and especially the Albanians and the Islamists, for the butchering of the unarmed Greek population in the rear of the Greek military front. Top urgent need of converting the unarmed Greek police to "Heavily armed Military-Police" according to the canons of Turkey, of French, of Israel, and of Swiss Military-Police. Top urgent need of organizing an armed Civil-Police from the 300.000 Greek hunters initially, and next from the rest Greeks (men and women) up to the age of 65. Top urgent need of 100% nationalizing and complete activating of the Greek Defense Industries, EAB, EBO, and ELBO, and of the Greek Shipyards for the construction of War Material of the three weapons. Top urgent need of food and drugs reassurance with enforced production programs towards the Greek farmers, stock breeders, and drugs industrialists".-

P.S.4: The final editor of the present document, G.H.REES representative, in Volos, is living in a ruined home, without electricity and without water, eating rubbish from trashcans and from snack bars food - remains, with result for his health to become bad. Continue these way neo-Greeks, to not support economically the G.H.REES office in Volos. One day you will scratch with your nails the graves of the G.H.REES men in order to receive "Survival Instructions" in the upcoming military hell against Greece from the B.A.S.T./R. and R.I.C. axles, but the souls of the G.H.REES men will be far-away anymore, and their dead bodies, murdered from your selfish apathy, will not be able to give other "Survival Instructions", - with end-result for you to die a horrible death, butchered by the B.A.S.T./R. and R.I.C. axies armies, because without Survival Guidance from G.H.REES, you are already dead "with small delay of death", oh!!! you goners Neo-Greeks, befooled by the Hebrew "Prime Minister" Chiprah (Tsipras),  the Hebrew "Economics Minister" Baruch - akis (Barufakis),  the Hebrew "Economics Vice-Minister" Mardochai (Mardas), and  the rest Hebrew leaders of the "components" of "SY.RIZ.A." (Government Party), agents of the Rothschilds, taking orders from the "Triads" of "HONG". See "Minister of Public Order" Anarchist-Communist Panousis, who banned the Greek Police from invading to the "Law School" of the Athens University in order to foil the destructions made by the Anarchists-Communists of "SY.RIZ.A." against the Greek Universities, with purpose the complete destruction of the Greek Education. Panousis tomorrow will ban the Greek Police from foiling the immigrants armed revolt.-

G.H.REES to the Greek Police: Overthrow the "Government" of "SY.RIZ.A." NOW !!!

Sunday, March 29, 2015



Immediate expulsion of the German embassy from Greece.

Immediate expulsion of all the Germans citizens from Greece.

Immediate Nationalization of all the German Companies in Greece.

Those three demands are anniversary and correlated to the National Holiday of 25th March 1821 (Liberation Revolution of Greeks against the Turks Ottoman Empire) , with established historical facts the capital offences, the murders, the imprisonments, and the social destruction which was forced upon Greece by the representative of the second Turkish (Mongol) occupation GermanHebrew King Otto Wittelsbach against the heroes of the Greek Revolution of 1821,.
It is an established historical fact that the Bavarian Mongols  are calling Turks a brother Nation, and that the Turks Mongols are calling the Bavarian Mongols  brother Nation as well.The Turkish historians are generally calling the Mongolians Huns of Germany,  "ex-Hittites" namely Goths  a "Brother Nation". This Mongolian German Nation was the primary adversary of Greece in World War 1, and in World War 2 provoked the death of 1.500.000 Greeks through executions, hunger, diseases and destroyed the industrial and economic infrastructure of Greece, by taking Greece back 100 years!!!!!.
The Mongolian Nation of Germans Huns- Hittites - Goths provoked damages to Greece estimated from Greek historians and economists at 576 billion Euros at least.
The German Huns Mongolians and Bavarians, not only deny to compensate Greece with the afore-mentioned amount , but cooperating deviously with the international Hebrew bankers loan sharks, namely ROTHSCHILD and ROCKEFELLER charged Greece with non-existent inflated loans in collusion with the Hebrew Prime-minister of Greece George Mineiko Papandreou who deviously and falsely doubled the Greek Public Debt through his party (PASOK) controlled Hellenic Statistics Company (HELSTAT).
The enmity of the Mongolian Hittites - Goths against the Greeks has as its prehistoric beginning the order enforcement of Goths - Hittites Mongolians towards Ancient Troy, to block the passage of Greek Merchant ships through Bosporus straits towards the Black Sea, and that was the true cause of the Greeks Achaeans campaign against the Greeks of Troy, in a civil war situation.
Today the Mongolians Huns - Hittites - Goths who govern Germany, are cooperating together with the Hebrew finance minister Barouchakis - Barouch - Baroufakis, with the Hebrew finance vice-minister Mardas - Mardochai, with the Hebrew Prime-Minister Tsipras -  Chiprah and are attempting to legalize the illegal former Memorandums with the 3/5 namely with up to 180 votes of the Greek Parliament, according to the Constitution article 28/2/3 in order that in this way and by provoking hunger and economical destruction to Greeks, to rob : the Greek Mineral Resources, the Greek Banks, the Public Greek enterprises DEKO, and the private Greek enterprises, and to destroy the Greek state by giving arms and defense technology to Turkey, in order to facilitate further the assault of the B.A.S.T./R. axis (Bulgaria - Albania - Skopje - Turkey / Romania) armies, against Greece.
G.H.REES as the natural leadership of Greeks, namely as the physiocratic leadership of Greece, orders the Greeks of all political parties to execute the present order of the general expulsion of the Germans - Huns - Goths - Hittites from Greece.
By writing it in the Karaiskakis (Greek Hero of the 1821 Revolution) harsh dialect, G.H.REES is stating that "Any Greek who does not act with every possible way, including arms way, for the execution of the present order, this Greek is a traitor submitted harlot's son", with  "harlot" referring to  the troika of the present World Dominion: China - Hebrew Bankers - Mongols Huns of Germany._

End. Over.

For G.H.REES, the representative of G.H.REES and General of Greek and Planet Security of G.H.REES Karageorgiou Ch. Ch. Giannis, Elpidos 12, Nea Ionia, Volos, GREECE, ID No. D424419, Tel.: (+30) 698.36.579.54

P.S.: Parallel Order from G.H.REES to Greeks:
Because the Greek Treasonous Masonry, with orders from the hebrewsaxonic hyperlodge A.O.A. of London (Ordo Adeptis Atlantis) is accepting that the territory and the buildings of the Greek Masonic Lodges are England's territory, without this give-away of Greek territory to England having been  voted for in the Greek Parliament, according to the Constitution articles 27 & 28, G.H.REES orders Greeks to destroy the Greek Masonic Lodges in every possible way, beginning with the Grand Orient of Greece located in 2 Axarnon & Sourmeli str., Athens, in order to reinstate the territories of these Lodges  to the Greek Dominion. The crime of the Greek Masons which they have committed by giving-away Greek territory to England without the approval of the Greek Parliament, is a capital offence of Treason against the Country, and this capital offence is punishable with the death penalty according to the articles 138 & 151 of the Greek Penal Code, "for give-away of Greek territory to a foreign country", as death penalties enforced upon the Greek Masons for this treason, and as treason that the Greek heroes of the 1821 Revolution would never accept to happen.
In  this way G.H.REES is honoring those Heroes, without ostensible marches and shows which deceive the Greek people._

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Head of G.H.REE.S Athens, message, to the Hellenes (Greeks). ULTRA URGENT message of Greek national security issued by G.H.REES (Group of Hellenic Re-establishment), Military division. The Turkish secret intelligence agency (MIT) , the Albanian intelligence agency (SECURIMI) , and the JIHAD islamic state of ISIS , under command of Turkish MIT have arranged to murder their own immigrants within Greece to ‘’prove’’ that these murders were committed by Greeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Head of G.H.REE.S Athens,  message, to the  Hellenes (Greeks).

ULTRA URGENT  message of Greek national security issued by G.H.REES (Group of Hellenic Re-establishment), Military division.

The Turkish secret intelligence agency (MIT) , the Albanian intelligence agency (SECURIMI) , and the JIHAD  islamic state of ISIS , under command of Turkish MIT have arranged to murder their own immigrants within Greece to ‘’prove’’ that these murders were committed by Greeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

The following document , in the Greek language , should be immediately distributed by all Greeks , especially those of western Thrace and those of the ‘’ Kerberos’’ website, to all the Albanians residing in Greece, to all Islamists within Greece , and especially to all members of the Turkish minority within Greece , that is the Turks living in the Greek western Thrace as well as those on the island of Rhodes.

It should be made clear , by those who will undertake the task of giving out the following document, to the minorities , verbally as well as analytically, that Turkey will use the above mentioned devious and provocative acts of murder against the ethnic minorities of islamists-Turks-Albanians and other  such minorities , in order to incite an armed confrontation between the ethnic minorities and the Greeks so there can be bloodshed and kill each other. This devious planning by Turkey against all Islamic nations , is in close collaboration with the Jewish and Masonic communities of the USA, Europe  and Russia ( Moscow)!!!!!!.

Therefore, we call upon the above mentioned ethnic minorities living in Greece NOT to listen to and obey the orders of their own governments pertaining to an armed uprising against the Greeks, because should this happen, that will be the demise of both the Greeks AND those minorities living in Greece.  We call upon the Islamic Turks and Albanians living in Greece to isolate and kick entirely out of Greece the ‘’ISIS’’ jihadists , those of Turkish ‘’MIT’’, and those of Albanian ‘’SECURIMI’’.

9 February 2015.

Subject:  Chinese-Hebrew manipulation as to the ultimate fall and demise of the ‘’SY.RI.ZA’’- ‘’AN.EL’’  combined government , aimed at the armed uprising of the foreign immigrants living in Greece, as well as the planned invasion of the armies of ‘’ B.A.S.T.R’’ ( BULGARIA-ALBANIA-SKOPJE-ROMANIA) against Greece, to the east up to Lamia and the west up to Mesologgi.

Message contents:  G.H.REES brings to light the summary of the various stages of the Chinese-Hebrew planned invasion of the armies of ‘’B.A.S.T.R” AGAINST Greece , after the final cross-checking :

A.      From information given to G.H,REES by Greek-Americans of American intelligence services.

B.      From still ‘’dormant’’ freemasons having left various masonic lodges, and

C.      Via various electronic audio devices used by G.H.REES.

1.       Hebrew Chipra’s  government ( Axel Chiprah) makes public all or part of the following government actions:

A.      Providing all Greek-born minority children , 2nd generation immigrants, with Greek citizenship.

B.      Allowance to enter and stay in Greece of A’ degree relations of immigrants who already live in Greece!!!!!!!!!!!.

C.      Abolition of borders and free ,uncontrollable entry and stay of the people of B.A.S.T.R in Greece!!!!!!!!!.

D.      Joint exploitation of  Greece’s natural resources  (oil-natural gas) by both Greece and Turkey , on the Greek EEC (exclusive economic zone) , and inside Greek territorial waters up to the six mile limit!!.!!!!!

E.       ‘’For the sake of peace’’ , turning sovereignty of the Greek isle of ‘’ IMIA’’ over to Turkey by the name ‘’KARNDAK’’!!!!.

F.       ‘’For the sake of peace’’, turning the  Greek ownership of Greek natural resources over to the ‘’Tsamides’’ of Albania , inside the Greek territory of Epirus!!!!.

G.     ‘’For the sake of peace’’, turning of Greek ‘’ free economic zones’’ in the area of the port of Thessaloniki over to Bulgaria and Skopje, ‘’guarded’’ by Bulgarian and Skopje security personnel, that is Bulgarian, Skopje and Turkish armed military units, posing as Bulgarians and Skopje nationals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

H.      Founding of ‘’ federal sovereign state’’ of Greece and Turkey on Greek western Thrace territory , in other words, Turkish government personnel units inside Greek western Thrace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I.        Various other provocative actions pertaining to the demise of the Greek state and nation , such as the imposition of ‘’ the electronic card 666””.
2….Panos Kammenos , the current minister of Defense, as a true Greek patriot , deviously and deliberately appointed to the post by Hebrew Chiprah , will not agree to the materialization of any of the above mentioned devious and traitorous acts , and will eventually resign or be dismissed by Chiprah himself.  As a result , Chiprah’s government will fall ( as already planned!!!), and Greece will enter a period of utter political and financial chaos together with periods of hunger , having been financially isolated by its ‘’ partners’’ of the ‘’European community’’ because of a supposed ‘’violation of the austerity measures’’!!!!!!!!!!!!!. ( Varoufakis is the current minister of Economy , a ROTHSCHILD AGENT!!!!!!!).

3…..At this point,  B.A.S.T.R secret services units ( MIT, SECURIMI etc.), will murder citizens of their own  within Greece , in an attempt to ‘’prove’’ that these acts of crime were committed by Greek citizens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

4……At the same time Greek-Hebrew KYP/EYP ( Greek intelligence services), orders its own stupid croaking frog Nazi Satanist Mihaloliakos of the Hebrew masonic ‘’GOLDEN DAWN’’ , along with the other Hebrew-born Kasidiaris ( Chasid) , for the party of ‘’GOLDEN DAWN’’ to organize attacks against the foreign immigrants inside Greece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

5……The armies of B.A.S.T.R , invade Greece on the pretext of ‘’  protecting the immigrant citizens of BASTR in Grrece’’, with simultaneous armed uprising of immigrants living in Greece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The only Hellenic (Greek) body that is capable of working out a proper plan to confront and ultimately avoid the above mentioned national crisis –disaster is G.H.REES.

For the time being, we simply make the following two appeals-issue orders of Greek national security:

1…..To Defense minister Panos Kammenos : take immediate measures to reinforce Greek defense , along the whole of land and sea borders ( western, northern, eastern borders), because the armies of BASTR will invade alongside the whole of the country’s above mentioned borders , apart from the  Peloponese , Attica and east-central Greece.!!!!!!!.

2……To the ‘’GOLDEN DAWN ‘’ members: State publicly that you denounce Hitler’s Nazi ideologies , and overthrow Mihaloliakos, Kasidiaris and others like them.

Attack against the ‘’Greek’’ politicians , and NOT against the ‘’immigrants’’ (try to function as armed national guard together with the Greek Police)


Giannis Karageorgiou, G.HREES general of national security ,and G.H.REES representative, Volos, Greece (Hellas).