Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hellenic Paramilitary Corps. To the members of the Russian government via the Russian embassies in Greece and abroad ----- Subject: Danger pertaining to the safety of Russian president Vladimir Putin during his planned visit to the ‘’Holy Mountain’’ in Greece on 26/5/2016.

Group of Hellenic Re-establishment ( G.H.REES.)
Hellenic Paramilitary Corps.

To the members of the Russian government via the Russian embassies in Greece and abroad.

Athens-Volos 18/4/2016.


Danger pertaining to the safety of Russian president Vladimir Putin during his planned visit to the ‘’Holy Mountain’’ in Greece on 26/5/2016.

Dear Sirs,

G.HREES military branch advise you to persuade president Putin to:

1).. NOT  pass through Greek territory during his visit to the ‘’Holy Mountain”
2)..GO DIRECTLY to the ‘’Holy Mountain’’ in whatever way he chooses.
3).. NOT GO to the ‘’Holy Mountain’’ by air , but rather by land or preferably by sea..

Justification as to the above suggestions:

1).. American military satellites are armed with LASER+MASER (MICROWAVE AMPLIFIED STIMULATED EMISSION RADIATION) weapons. The former are capable of destroying any aircraft through melting of the fuselage ,engines, pedals, and fuel tanks. The latter are capable of destroying navigation, electronic and electrical equipment of any aircraft. If the latter transmit an electromagnetic pulse signal (EMP) , they are capable of causing a static electricity overcharge inside the fuselage , leading to an eventual failure of all equipment inside the aircraft and death of electrocution for all passengers. In case president Putin’s aircraft is identified by the ‘’ECHELON’’ network of the ‘’NSA’’ , it can be downed by an American satellite.

2)..Recently, Turkey disclosed to the mass media photographs of a bulky LASER weapon made in Turkey , capable of firing both from the ground and a navy vessel. If president Putin’s plane is identified by the ‘’ECHELON’’ network , then the ‘’NSA’’ might relay its position and course to the Turkish military high command , and the president’s plane will be blown out of the sky by Turkish laser beams of indefinite range ,theoretically.

3).. Thousands of ‘’ISIS’’ jihadists, thousands of the ‘’FSA’’ anti-regime members of Syria, and thousands of ‘’AL-NUSRA’’ members of Syrian rebels against Assad , have entered Greece  posing as ‘’refugees’’, that is, three Islamic terrorist organisations , from which ‘’FSA’’ no longer act autonomously but rather they have been integrated into ‘’AL-NUSRA’’ and ‘’ISIS’’.

These terrorists, funded, trained and supplied by Turkey against Greece and against Russia in Tzetzen, and which the traitorous government ofSY.RI.ZA  ( Chipras- Mardas-Mardohai, Moyzalas-Moses, etc) deliberately relocated near Greek army camps , navy yards, military airports in Greece so the above Islamic terrorists will destroy them when Turkey attacks against Greece , these terrorists raised the jihadist ‘’ FSA-AL NUSRA-ISIS’’ flag in the Greek island of Lesvos (Mytilene), during Pope Francis’ visit there. See attached relevant articles in the ‘’ELEYTHERI ORA’’ newspaper of 18/4/2016.

The Greek police and Greek intelligence service units were in fact present in Lesvos for the protection and security of Pope Francis , Bartholomew (traitor against Greece and against the ‘’Orthodoxy’’ , and archbishop of Greece Ieronymos.
None of the Islamic terrorists who raised the terrorist flag in Lesvos ( stating publicly and openly that they are Islamic terrorists) was arrested by the Greek police and Greek intelligence service units , since both these services have been ordered by the traitorous Hebrew government of SY.RI.ZA ‘’ NOT TO TOUCH OR ARREST ISLAMIC TERRORIST GROUPS UPON DETECTION’’!!!!,  so  that the Islamic terrorist groups inside Greece will be able to destroy the Greek armed forces from within, and to massacre the unarmed Greek civilians and the Greek police officers and the members of KYP/EYP intelligence services, when Turkey and B.A.S.T.R attack against Greece.

Therefore, with thousands of Islamic terrorists roaming around free in Greece bearing state-of –the-art portable European weapons (through Saudi Arabia), and missiles against vehicles, and with the Greek police of traitor minister Toskas and Greek KYP/EYP intelligence service covering up for these islamists , it would be suicidal for president Putin to pass through Greek territory to get to the ‘’Holy Mountain’’ in northern Greece on 26/4/2016.


If possible see that president Putin does not spend the night at the Russian monastery in the ‘’Holy Mountain’’, but rather he spends his night at another one of his choice for fear that the Russian one has been targeted by the ‘’MASER’’ satellites of ‘’NASA’’.
We would like to provide you with basic defence technology equipment against ‘’MASERS’’ and ‘’ Heavy Neutrinos’’, but our representative’s deteriorating health prevents him from visiting the Russian embassy in Athens.

On behalf of G.H.REES,
Karageorgiou Cr.  Cr. Giannis
G.H.REES representative , national and planetary security general of G.H.REES.
Elpidos 12 str.,  Nea Ionia, Volos
Tel: 698 36 579 54.

’’ First article posted in ‘’ELEYTHERI ORA'' newspaper on 18/4/2016:

‘’ Islamic flag raised in Lesvos in front of Pope Francis”!!!!!!!.


The traitorous government of SY.RI.ZA is covering up for jihadist terrorists inside Greece for the dismantling and genocide of the Greek nation. Danger for the safety of the Russian president Vl. Putin on 26/5/2016 in the ‘’Holly Mountain’’ in Greece.
Danger against ALL Russian citizens living in Greece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Second article posted in ‘’ELEYTHERI ORA’’ newspaper on 18/4/2016:

‘’Stop embezzling the Greek people’’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Pope left Moria , a ‘’hot spot’’ on the island of Lesvos ,’’ taking with him back to the Vatican 12 ‘’refugees’’ belonging to more vulnerable groups like single-parent families, mothers with children, people with disabilities or health problems of various nationalities’’.
The Pope indeed asked through his officials to take symbolic actions , and in fact took with him back to the Vatican the particular group of migrants which were randomly selected following a draw. The fact that we have been embezzled a long time now is a well-known fact but it is a little too much on the Greek people when the Pope is posing as a ‘’philanthropist’’ , Mr. Ieronymos…

G.H.REES commentary :

Russia must help Greece towards the deportation of 5,000,000 active jihadist Islamic illegal migrants in Greece. If not, Greece will become a jihadist nation hostile towards Russia and Russian vested interest in the eastern Mediterranean.

Third article posted on ‘’ELEYTHERI ORA’’ newspaper on 18/4/2016:

‘’ Pope greeted with the flag of terrorist Islamic organisations’’!!!!!!!!.
‘’ Suddenly one refugee dropped to his knees in front of the Pope ,after breaking through police barriers, and asked for his blessing!!!! Now it is strange that a muslim would want the Pope’s blessing , as they would rather have his …head!!!!’’.
‘’ Great concern was caused by the raising of the flag of the  ‘’FSA-AL-NUSRA’’ Islamic terrorist groups ( who were the first to start beheading people and raping daughters) in Moria on the island of Lesvos in Greece , before the eyes of the three religious leaders namely Pope Francis, archbishop Bartholomew and Patriarch Ieronymos. The ‘’FSA’’ is literally non-existent in Syria and its members have been integrated in the ‘’ISIS,AL-NUSRA’’ terrorist groups that have massacred Syria and are mainly responsible for many terrorist attacks. While the Pope was about to greet the refugees and illegal migrants in Lesvos, some of them raised the Islamic terrorist flag. A question that needs answering is what was really the point of the Pope’s visit to the island and his meeting up with the other two religious leaders. Apart from the wishes and probable good intentions, it became apparent that the Pope simply congratulated the Greeks and Greece on keeping  on Greek territory several hundred thousand muslim migrants (at first) , and not letting them cross into Italy and on to the rest of western Europe!!!!!.

G.H.REES commentary :

To the government of Russia:

‘’400 dead Somali citizens following a sinking off the Italian coast, on 16/4/2016’’. Set up programmes pertaining to the economic growth of Islamic African nations against the Chinese invasion of Africa. If not, Russia will end up facing a political, military and financial  genocide by CHINA as its servant , in the second phase of WWIII.

Fourth article posted on ‘’ELEYTHERI ORA’’ , on 18/4/2016:

The works of traitor Bartholomew in favour of Turkey and against Greek and Russian national security.
‘’ Traitor Bartholomew has lost his mind, as he speaks of a ‘’sea of peace’’ in the Aegean’’.
’Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew’s problematic and provocative interventions is a form of tactics that creates not only serious considerations as to the patriarch’s true intentions but also accusations that send out various messages to the international establishment ,which do not seem to coincide with Greek interests and Greek territorial sovereignty. During his speech in Lesvos, the patriarch made mention of the need for the Aegean to become a ‘’sea of peace’’ , which did not go unnoticed. However this comment of his just  cannot be addressed to the Greeks and to Greece itself, as this is the usual tactics expressed by the Turkish government at Ankara!! To clarify things , pertaining to  patriarch Bartholomew whose persistence  on such matters places him directly in the pantheon of Turkish foreign policy,  we should point out that the Aegean is a ‘’sea of peace’’ constantly disrupted by the terrorist called TURKEY. Further proof of this is Turkey’s latest actions in the Aegean , that is , continuous violations of Greek air space and territorial waters!!. Nobody else threatens peace in the Aegean but Turkey.

Therefore, nobody should have the right to appeal to Greece to contribute to peace in the Aegean , not even the patriarch himself, when Turkey is the one that constantly doubts Greek territorial waters and air space and has claims over nearly half the Aegean!!!.

It is unprecedented for the patriarch to ‘’get involved’’ in Greek politics , particularly when he does so repeatedly and to excess!!!.

What other nation in the world would agree to have the air force of another country fly over its territory and not have those aircraft downed?!!!!!!. Thus the patriarch’s suggestions and wishes should be addressed to the fascist regime of president Erdogan.

There can be no ‘’sea of peace’’ in the Aegean when Greece typically and literally submits itself!!!.  Patriarch Bartholomew must understand this if he wants to dismiss all suspicion that he is working towards satisfying the interests of Turkey in an attempt to keep the Patriarchate in Constantinople in operation, at the expense of Greek territorial rights!!!!.
If he wants to, he can denounce the Turkish practices of threatening and blackmailing Greece, and could transfer immediately the Orthodox Patriarchate to Greece, rather than functioning against Greek national security, offering the chance to all those who wish to harm the Orthodoxy and Hellenism.

Protect the image of Russian patriarch Cyrilus from Turkish undercover agent Bartholomew, and traitor Ieronymos.

The end.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Undermining of Russian national security by the Turkish-Tzetzen-Tungestan-Azerbaijan axis. To the members of the Russian government, through Russian embassies in Greece and elsewhere.

Group of Hellenic Re-establishment

Athens-Volos 13/4/2016


Undermining of Russian national security by the Turkish-Tzetzen-Tungestan-Azerbaijan axis.
To the members of the Russian government, through Russian embassies in Greece and elsewhere.

Dear sirs,

Only a week after you received G.H.REES’S document to you, in which G.H.REES pointed out the imminent armed uprising of Tzetzen terrorist groups as well as Islamic minority groups against Russian security, an uprising provoked by acts of conspiracy of Turkey against Russia, we were informed via the Greek media that this uprising has already begun , with an assault of Russian jihad islamists against the local Russian police precinct of a village in the area of Stavroupolis in the northern Russian Caucasus. See a translation of the relative Greek  media postings of 12/4/16 at the end of this document.

We urge that you take the following measures of psychological warfare immediately:

1…The Russian ministry of religion, in collaboration with Theology professors of Russian universities and Russian television, must  order the following:

A). An in-depth analysis of the ‘’Koran’’ in order to pinpoint the excerpts-omissions in the ‘’Koran’’ where Allah orders a reconciliation of ALL Muslims, and therefore ‘’ islamists fighting a religious and civil war , much like the war of Sounites jihadists against their brother Siites islamists, are enemies of Allah’’.

B). The above teachings of the ‘’Koran’’ must be immediately adapted for the Russian television and film industry, along with books and Russian magazines and newspapers.
Likewise, these teachings of the ‘’Koran’’ must be made the subject of discussion on Russian TV between Theology professors and Islamic religious leaders who accept the above teachings of ‘’Islamic peace and reconciliation’’ of the ‘’Koran’’.

2…Islamic teachings accept and believe in Jesus Christ , as secondary in rank prophet after Muhammad, and call him ‘’ISA’’.  Therefore through the above mentioned Russian media you must promote the fact that ‘’ Islamic populations must be friends with Christian populations since the latter believe in  ‘’prophet’’ ISA.

3..A).Concerning the provoked conflict between ‘’brother’’ Sounites and Siites Islamists by supplying the Sounites jihadists of ‘’ISIS’’ with weapons against their brother Siites Islamists , see that it backfires on Turkey, and make sure that it is broadcast on Russian mass media.

B). By means of the same mass media, you must denounce the fact that ‘’ while Turkey brought about a civil war between brotherly Islamists , Sounites and Siites, Turkey betrayed them both by collaborating with NATO which is an enemy of Islam.

C). On account of the above treason of Turkey against Islam, by means of the same Russian mass media , you must ask Sounitic and Siitic Islamic populations to dismantle and destroy Turkey , as Allah’s devious enemy.

On behalf of G.H.REES
Karageorgiou Cr. Cr. Giannis,
National and planetary security General of G.H.REES.


For any further consultation in favour of Russian national security, dispatch a representative of the Russian embassy in Athens to Volos , since G.H.REES’S representative there is unable to leave his home in Volos because his health has deteriorated recently , and because of dire financial problems brought about by the traitorous ‘’Greek’’ governments of past years.
See below the two Greek newspaper articles translated into English:

First article:

‘’Suicide attacks
‘’Three suicide terrorists were blown to pieces.
Islamic extremists who wanted to establish a caliphate in Russia ‘’attacked’’ Northern Caucasus.
Three men attacked a Russian police station in a village in southern Russia , as was announced by the Russian ministry of internal affairs, which also raised alert levels in the area.
The attack took place near Stauroupolis in the northern Caucasus where islamists want to set up an Islamic caliphate. One of the attackers was blown up whilst the other two were killed. No resident or police officers were injured in the attack. Some Russian news agencies are broadcasting that there were 4 attackers with 3 of them having been blown up though Reuters were not able to verify that information.
The ministry of Internal affairs made it clear that the authorities reacted promptly by activating a plan that puts local police in a higher state of alert. It is worth noting that for years , the main radical Islamic movement in the area was the local Caucasus emirate formed by the most extreme elements that fought against Moscow in Tzetzen and Tungestan in the 90’s. However its influence was a lot smaller recently since both its leaders , who both reject the Islamic state, have been killed.
In 2014, two prominent leaders of the Caucasus emirate declared their obedience to the so-called Islamic state. Another Tzetzen commander named Aslan Byutykayev did likewise in June 2015 on behalf of all Tzetzen fighters. In addition, about 5 Islamic religious leaders in Tungestan took a vow to the Islamic state. Last summer, the official representative of the Islamic state named Abu Mohammed al-Adnani, announced a new Islamic branch in the northern Caucasus.’’.

From ‘’Taxydromos’’ newspaper , Volos, 12/4/16.

G.H.REES commentary:

Transform or simply just apply the current Russian constitution pertaining to the deportation of Islamic religious leaders (Islamic priests), Tzetzen and Tungestan leaders, leaders of the Caucasus emirate , or other Russian citizens who manifested faith and obedience to the ‘’Islamic caliphate –state’’ of ‘’ISIS’’ in Mosul and Raka in northern Syria, with the justification that they show signs of faith and obedience to ‘’ISIS’’ ,that is , a state which is hostile toward Russia , which is treason against the Russian state.
Second article:
‘’City of Stayroupolis put on a higher state of alert, terrorist attack in Russia’’.
‘’Three armed men , one of who was a suicide bomber, made an attack against a police precinct in a village in southern Russia , according to Russian ministry of internal affairs while pointing out that local police is on a higher state of alert in the area. The attack took place in a Stayroupolis village near the area of northern Caucasus where Islamists,  looking to set up an Islamic caliphate, are launching attacks with booby trapped cars or are targeting local police officers. ‘’One assault took place in a local police station’’ said a representative of the ministry of internal affairs in Stayroupolis. ‘’One of the attackers blew himself up while the other two were killed’’. Based on information no police officer or local resident was injured or killed. Information is still unclear as to what really happened. Some Russian news agencies are broadcasting , based on police information from  sources who  asked  to remain confidential, that three of the attackers blew themselves up and that in there were 4 attackers in total. However Reuters were unable to verify this information from independent sources. A ministry of Internal Affairs representative made it clear the authorities reacted by activating a scheme that puts police in a higher state of alert’’.

From ‘’Makeleio’’ newspaper, Athens, 12/4/16.

G.H.REES commentary:
An Islamic war of Islamists  who blow themselves to pieces cannot be confronted with the aid of conventional Russian police forces. Transform this Russian police force into an ‘’army-police unit’’ , just like the Turkish , French and Israeli models (Gendarmerie) flanked by an ‘’FSB’’ unit, in each police precinct in Russia. Failure to do so will result in your losing total control of the Russian federation.


Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Subject: Russian counter-measures against sanctions of European Union member states as well as sanctions of the U.S against Russia. ---- G.H.REES. paramilitary corps (Group of Hellenic Re-establishment)

G.H.REES. paramilitary corps (Group of Hellenic Re-establishment)

Danger against Russian national security

To the members of the government of the Russian federation

Athens : 2/4/16 (to be forwarded to all embassies and consulates in Athens).


Russian counter-measures against sanctions of European Union member states as well as sanctions of the U.S against Russia.

Dear Sirs,

In order for Russia to reinforce its international prestige and economy , we propose that you deal with the defamation of and economic sanctions against Russia as follows:

1…Mental warfare

Verification: you have yet to use up the limits of Russian ‘’mental warfare’’within the U.S and within the countries of the E.U. Correction: your ambassadors in the U.S , the E.U (European union), at U.N (ONU) ,in Third World countries, and especially your cultural attaches must be upgraded so as to do the following:
A…Set up television channels and newspapers in all countries , with the aim of informing the international public of the aggressiveness and hypocrisy of the governments of the U.S and E.U (European Union) , against Russia.
B….Examples: The present government of the Ukraine rose to power following a coup against the democratically elected government of the Ukraine. The above unconstitutional Ukrainian government decided out of the blue to be allied to NATO , which endangered the security of the Russian navy yard in Crimea, and as a consequence, Russian national and defence security. This compelled Russia to annex Crimea as there was not enough time to transfer the Russian navy yard outside Crimea. The U.S would do exactly the same , if the state where ‘’Pearl Harbour’’ navy yard is located were to be break away from the U.S and annexed to the Russian federation. The same reasoning , but for social and ethnic reasons, would be possible in the eastern Ukraine , where arbitrary pro-NATO government of Kiev began to abuse and persecute the Russian minorities. Concerning the reasoning pertaining to the Russian nation in the eastern Ukraine , the U.S and NATO stance concerning the ‘’ Russian invasion of the Ukraine’’ must not be taken into account.
C…Based on the international legal principle that : ‘’no one who is guilty has the right to blame someone who is also guilty’’, both the U.S and NATO must not blame Russia for ‘’invasion of other countries’’ , when they have already carried out such invasions and ‘’crimes of war against humanity’’, against Iraq, Jugoslavia, and other countries, and when they have already planned and are preparing to commit similar crimes and carry out invasions of the B.A.S.T.R axis (Bulgaria-Albania-Skopje-Turkey-Romania) against Greece.

2…Psychological warfare:

A…Through the above mentioned television channels and newspapers which you will set up in the U.S and E.U countries, you must point out to the nations of U.S and E.U  the ‘’ war crimes’’ committed by U.S and NATO in Iraq, Jugoslavia and Libya. Similarly , the crimes against humanitycommitted there. Kossovo Serbs living in Greece claimed that American soldiers of the ‘’KFOR’’ would rape and murder Serbian women in Kossovo , while they also supplied the Albanians in Kossovo with weapons against the local Serbian population.
B…Similar atrocities will be committed by American soldiers, other NATO armies , and the soldiers of B.A.S.T.R  against Greece when they invade , according to the American Pentagon which has masterplanned this invasion against Greece.

3…Economic warfare:

A…Qatar provided Turkey with the funding so that Turkey will set up ‘’ISIS’’ in order to dismantle Greece , and for Qatar to get a share of the petroleum deposits located in Greece as its own deposits are being rapidly depleted.
B…Saudi Arabia received weapons from the U.S and the E.U , which it forwarded to ‘’ISIS’’ under the same motive, since Saudi deposits are being depleted.
C…Apart from Albania and Romania , the rest of the countries of B.A.S.T.R have no petroleum deposits , and they also have claims over Greece’s deposits.
D… E.U countries, except England and Norway, have no petroleum deposits and they also have claims over those of Greece through the ‘’NATO’’ fleet in the Aegean and through ‘NATO’’ land forces at the border between Greece and B.A.S.T.R.
E…All the above nations dread the fact that in the case of WWIII breaking out, Russia will cut off the supply of oil and natural gas to the E.U and the U.S, thus they masterplanned the dismantling and destruction of Greece so they can rob it of its natural deposits, that is to commit ‘’an armed robbery’’ meaning to both genocide half the Greeks by ‘’ISIS’’ and B.A.S.T.R/NATO armies and to steal the country’s natural deposits.

F…By order of the Rothschilds the traitorous Greek-Hebrew government of SY.RI.ZA agreed with Iran, on behalf of all of the above thieves-murderers, on their short term supply from Iranian deposits until they finally dismantle Greece and until they manage to set up oil refineries and natural gas sources , on land as well as in the ‘’exclusive economic zone of Greece’’ , so they will no longer have to rely on Iran which, like Russia, will form the war axis of R.I.C ( Russia-only Siitic Islam-China) against ‘’NATO+SEATO’’, for the staging of WWIII. This war will also include the genocide of Russian and Siitic islamists by the Chinese army of ‘’888’’ and Korean army of ‘’777’’ after 2023.

G…We propose that the Russian government publicise internationally and to ‘’blow to pieces’’ the above planetary Rothschields/Rockefeller/Soros conspiracy with the Chinese government, to take the same actions in Greece taken in the case of Crimea, whilst overthrowing the government ofSY.RI.ZA ( Rothscield/Soros servants) setting up a pro-Russian government in Greece, and making an agreement with Greece to jointly exploit the Greek oil and natural gas deposits, with 50% for Russia and another 50% for Greece.
H…In parallel with the above, Russian ministries of agriculture and industry must set  up export and standardization programmes of ALL Russian products, in Russian ‘’shopping malls’’ in all nations , following the example of China in all Asian countries and Europe, with Chinese goods on sale in ‘’Chinese shopping malls’’. In the Russian shopping malls there will be anything from  Russian foodstuffs to heavy Russian vehicles i.e ‘’URAL’’ etc.

I…DO NOT ATTEMPT TO INVEST IN CHINA!!.  On the contrary you must invest in India where there is still cheap labour. Beijing is planning the ultimate genocide of India in WWIII. You must support India as this geo-economically vital to Russia’s commercial access to the Indian ocean.

J…DO NOT PROVIDE CHINA WITH SUPREME DEFENCE TECHNOLOGY, like you wrongly did in the case of the ‘’Hyper-speleosis phenomenon’’ sub-accoustic torpedo (KURSK self-destruction), and ‘’SUKHOI 35’’, as China will turn those weapons against Russia in WWIII, during phase II of that war.

P.S (1):

In the event that the NATO-RUSSIA conflict is real , and you are not bluffing to provoke WWIII in collusion with the Russian Hebrews of the Kremlin and American Hebrews of the U.S, then we just call off our accusations against president Putin in our previous texts.

On behalf of G.H.REES (Group of Hellenic Re-establishment),
Giannis Karageorgiou,
National and planetary security General.


From Greek-Americans of various American intelligence services we learn that the ‘’American Pentagon’’ has asked Turkish generals to overthrow president Erdocan and prime minister Davutoglou, and to set up a military government, under pretence of ‘’a Greek (masonic) generals coup against the government of SY.RI.ZA-A.NEL in Greece’’. According to information we have , this coup is to manifest itself by 22/4/16 due to a ‘’ Greek financial deadlock’’ and a demographic population distortion in Greece on account of the 5,000,000 migrants inside Greece , with the main responsibility resting with the government of SY.RI.ZA along with the past Greek governments of ‘’New Democracy’’ and ‘’PA.SO.K’’.
The Greek mason generals have been ordered by the masonic lodges of London to put together and execute the above coup. The ‘’masonic Theosophic society’’ in Greece gets its orders directly from the masonic lodges of London. It also founded the ‘’Epsilons’’ of Greece with the parties of ‘’LA.OS’’ and ‘’Golden Dawn’’ being its political branches. The above coup will appear as a ‘’ revolution of the epsilons’’ having as their primary goal the establishment of the ‘’empire of Constantinople 666’’ bearing Ioannis Dragazis and Ioannis Vatatzis as the two ‘’spare emperors’’ and ‘’christian-dodecatheon 666’’ as its main religion. Greek General Fragkos Fragkoulis seems to be the leader of the above coup , who is a mason of non-Greek origin. The above coup will function as anti-NATO and anti-immigrant but without taking any defence perimeter measures by the Greek armed forces , so it will function as a provocation for the invasion of the armies of NATO in Greece and those of B.A.S.T.R. The main target of both invasions will be to dismantle and break up Greece into five zones of  military occupation, one zone per each country of B.A.S.T.R to the east up to Lamia and the west up to Mesologgi.
Following the coup of the mason ‘’epsilon’’ Generals in Greece , ‘’Golden Dawn’’ of Michaloliakos ( a well- known CIA agent who also takes part in ‘’666 satanic rituals) is to take part in the Greek government.
Due to the fact that ‘’A.O.A’’ and ‘’O.T.O’’ masonic lodges of London command both the ‘’NSA’’ and ‘’CIA’’ in the U.S , the U.S pentagon, and the Greek mason ‘’epsilon’’ generals of the above coup, and the Turkish generals , thus it is self-evident the ‘’A.O.A’’ and ‘’ O.T.O’’ lodges of London ordered everyone involved in the Greek and Turkish coups to wage war of the countries of NATO and B.A.S.T.R on Greece. This war on Greece will attempt to break up Greece initially, followed up with the founding of the ‘’ Greek empire of Constantinople 666’’,  which ‘’repentant’’ NATO will then give back to Greece , along with Russia’s consent.

We warn that in case the Russian government do not intervene to call off the above two military coups in Greece and Turkey , then war will break out of Turkey and B.A.S.T.R against Greece , in which case Turkey will make use of its right to close off the Bosporus to shipping of all nations according to the ‘’international treaty of Bosporus’’. If that happens, the Russian navy in the Black Sea will be of no use while its supply from the Russian bases in Syria will be cut off. Furthermore, it will bring about the collapse of the Syrian government of Assad, the counter attack of ‘’ISIS’’ against Syria , and the setting up of a third ‘’ISIS’’ headquarters in Tzetzen within Russian territory!!!!!. The above will be a massive geostrategic, geopolitical  and geo-economic failure and defeat of Russia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Already the U.S pentagon has ordered the generals of the Turkish coup to declare war against Greece on account of ‘’ maltreatment of their muslim brothers in Greece’’ by the military government and ‘’Golden Dawn’’ of Greece.
Already the U.S pentagon has ordered NATO at Brussels as well as NATO vessels in the Aegean to invade Greece on account of the fact that ‘’ the Greek military government, having turned against NATO, is disrupting the peace and security of the southeastern sector of NATO’’!!!!!!.  It is self-evident therefore , that this was precisely the real intention of the deployment of NATO vessels to the Aegean, rather than looking for half-sunk boats packed with migrants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Having said that, we strongly advise you to dispatch five (5) ultimatums to the countries of B.A.S.T.R, stating the following: ‘’ In the event of your military attack against Greece, turning the Balkans, the Aegean and eastern Mediterranean into a war zone, it would constitute a ‘’casus belli’’ situation and a cause for war of Russia against B.A.S.T.R , because this attack would interfere with Russia’s vested interest in these regions and would damage Russian national and military security’’.
We strongly advise you to inform the mason ‘’Epsilon’’ generals of Greece not to attempt to carry out the coup they are working on, by posting on the Greek ‘’Makeleio’’ and ‘’Eleytheri ora’’ newspapers (belonging to the ‘’Epsilons’’) that their coup will have the support of the Russian government. If Russia decides to support the above coup , it must admit that ‘’Russia is nothing more than a nazi state’’ because ‘’Golden Dawn’’ of Greece (a member of the coup) writes in its ‘’Golden Dawn ideology declarations’’ that ‘’ Hitler is equal to God’’ , and also admit that ‘’Russia is in collusion with NATO and CIA’’.


Due to adverse health conditions of our representative in Volos , Greece, it may not be possible to get in touch with him. In this case, try to improvise and may God save Russia!!!!

On behalf of G.H.REES,
The G.H.REES representative,
Giannis Karageorgiou,
National and planetary security general of G.H.REES (Group of Hellenic Re-establishment).
12, elpidos str. Nea Ionia, Volos, Greece.
Tel: 698 36 579 54.


Attention: Russian geostrategic defeat in the Aegean and eastern Mediterranean , will bring about a domino of Russian geostrategic defeat in the Baltic and the Far East.


We advise you to take initiative for a ‘’ Russian peaceful attack’’ in the Baltic regions as the stretch of sea between Finland and Estonia is precarious for Russian warships.


Promote a pro-Russian political party in Greece , from which you must exclude the Greek ‘’Epsilons’’ , as tools of the ‘’Greek masonic theosophic society’’ receiving its orders directly from the Hebrew-Saxon hyperlodges of ‘’A.O.A’’ , ‘’O.T.O’’ ,and ‘’Golden Dawn’’ of London. ‘’Golden Dawn’’ of London functions as a section of ‘’O.T.O’’ with a nazi ideology. Likewise , you must exclude all members of nazi ‘’Golden Dawn’’ of Greece , those of ‘’LA.O.S’’ (led by Kara-Zaferi, a well-known British Intelligence service agent and secret agent of ‘’Albanian Securimi’’ , the ‘’Royals’’ of Greece led by HebrewSaxon ‘’Prince’’ Nikolaos Holstein Glucksburg who takes his orders from ‘’O.T.O’’ and the ‘’Epsilon’’ masons (militants and police force) of Greece, along with all Greek masons. Likewise , you must exclude any non-Greek ethnic minority individuals within Greece.


Set up a pro-Russian television channel in Greece, and pro-Russian newspaper either daily or weekly. Do likewise in all countries where it is legally feasible to do so, since international public opinion is constantly fed lies by local news agencies as well as devious lies of television and cinema films of Jewish Hollywood.


In order to do the above, you must shake off your innate introversion, silent actions, and mysticism, otherwise you will always remain defeated in international mental and psychological warfare, and as a consequence, in international geopolitical-geostrategic warfare . Changing this attitude of yours would mean that the Russian ministry of Foreign Affairs must immediately launch an aggressive  set of measures to inform (via any means of mass media) the international public of the already committed and those about to be committed acts of crime of NATO , and NATO crimes against humanity in Afghanistan, Iraq, Jugoslavia, Greece, Libya, Syria etc.


The Russian navy yard at Sevastopol , Crimea, must be transferred to a Greek port in northern Greece, near the Bosporus. In its present location this navy yard is under constant threat of closure by Turkey and NATO under various pretences.


The geostrategics department of G.H.REES considers that for Russia to stay geostrategically sufficient , six (6) air-navy Russian bases must be built , two in the Atlantic , two in the Pacific and another two in the Indian ocean. Justification of the above suggestion is deemed confidential.


We advise toward a Russian initiative to launch a ‘’peaceful attack’’ in the countries of the former USSR of the Far East , where several ‘’rebellions’’ led by a man named George Soros ( Hebrew-Skopjan) and by NATO against Russia.


You must take immediate measures to cease the economic and geostrategic invasion of China in the Balkans ,especially Albania where China has undertaken the exploitation of Albanian petroleum deposits.


You must dismantle the ‘’Pact of Shanghai’’, while you set up the ‘’ R.IS.IN  Pact’’ (Russia-unified Islam (sounites+siites) –India), since, if you keep up your strategic co-operation with China, the Russian population along with the countries of the former USSR will be faced with genocide by the Korean army ‘’777’’, and Chinese army ‘’888’’. This will happen after phase II of WWIII, following the genocide of the countries of Europe and USA ‘’666’’ , and by the armies of the ‘’Shanghai Pact’’ during phase I of WWIII.


On 3/4/16 and 4/4/16,thousands of Islamist migrants received on their mobiles the exact same ‘’sms’’ from an unknown source:  ‘’ Allah orders you to rise in a holy war ( Jihad) against the Greeks ‘’.

We note that:

1…It is impossible for such a massive number of ‘’sms’’ to be sent one by one to their receivers, but rather it calls for an H/Y onto which the text and the receivers’ phone numbers have been uploaded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. This means that the senders of this ‘’sms’’ use very expensive state-of-the-art technology, inaccessible to private individuals.
2…Given the contents of this ‘’sms’’ , its senders are NOT  a mobile phone company but rather the ‘’Islamic  state of ISIS’’ of the jihadists, funded and supported by Qatar ,Saudi Arabia and Turkey.
3...The fact that ‘’ISIS’’ is in possession of the phone numbers of the islamists inside Greece, receivers of the above simultaneous ‘’sms’’bearing an order to commence ‘’Holy war’’ against the ‘’unbelieving Greeks’’ , literally proves that ALL THE RECEIVERS OF THE BOVE ‘’SMS’’ ARE MURDERERS JIHADIST SOLDIERS OF ‘’ISIS’’. It also proves that the state of ‘’ISIS’’ ALSO provided these jihadists with ‘’SIM’’ cards with mobile telephone numbers, AND the expensive 800 euro phones they almost all have.
4..The senders of the above simultaneous  ‘’sms’’  are the Jihadist headquarters in Mosul of northern Iraq , since their other headquarters in Raka in northern Syria is in the process of being transferred , due to a Syrian army and air force intervention threat in the area of Raka.
However, ‘’ISIS’’ mobile telephony in Raka is still in operation. Therefore,  the ‘’sms’’ was transmitted by ‘’ISIS’’ in Mosul, broadcast by ‘’ISIS’’ in Mosul and relayed by the ‘’ISIS’’ mobile telephony in Raka. It was also transmitted by the Turkish mobile telephony to the mobile telephony in Greece , since it is technically impossible to directly connect the mobile telephony of ‘’ISIS’’ in Mosul and Raka with Greek telephony.
Therefore, Turkey not only trained and supplied ‘’ISIS’’ , it also gave them the right equipment capable of transmitting mass ‘’sms’’ by order of ‘’ISIS’’ to the jihadists in Greece so they can ‘’ genocide them in a holy war of jihad’’.


It now becomes more than obvious that the joint air-navy drills of both Turkey and Saudi Arabia in the Aegean , from 27/3/16 to 4/4/16 (jointly planned  by the American Pentagon, the European Union , NATO ,Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and ‘’ISIS’’), had to terminate with the invasion of Greece by Turkey, Saudi Arabia ,and B.A.S.T.R, to ‘’ensure the protection of their Muslim brothers by the criminal Greek police and Greek army’’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
In the event that the ‘’ISIS’’ ‘’sms’’ from Mosul provoke an armed uprising of the Islamists inside Greece, it is natural for Greek police and Greek armed forces  to react and take control of the situation.
In the case above , the implications against Russia will be the closure of the Bosporus, and the dismantling and incapacitation of the Russian navy yard in Crimea, while a secondary implication will be the MASSIVE GEOSTRATEGIC DEFEAT OF RUSSIA  in presently  isolated and blocked Syria. ( see P.S(2)).

In order to avoid a military confrontation with Russia so as to re-open the Bosporus , Turkey has ‘’provoked’’ the re –opening of the Nagorno-Karabach sovereignty issue between pro-Turkish Azerbaijan and Armenia, attempting to cause a ‘’necessary diversion of the Russian armed forces’’.
We propose the immediate dispatch of three Russian ‘CASUS BELLI’  ultimatums to Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Azerbaijan stating the following: ‘’  In  the event of ANY actions by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Azerbaijan supported by Turkey, this will constitute a cause for WAR OF RUSSIA AGAINST THESE THREE COUNTRIES’’.

It is certain that ,  in order to cause an additional diversion against Russia, Turkey will also attempt to cause an armed uprising of the Tzetzen terrorists inside Russia ,in attempt to cause the complete DESTABILISATION OF RUSSIA , involving Jihad ‘’sms’’’s to ALL Tzetzen terrorist groups so as to provoke the armed uprising of ALL ISLAMIC MINORITY GROUPS INSIDE RUSSIA, AND AGAINST THE RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT. The intention will be the dismantling of Russia from within through a religious civil war between the Islamic and Christian populations living in Russia.

Faced with the above imminent threat of total destruction of Russia by the Turkey-Tzetzen axis, we advise the Russian government to dispatch a ‘’casus belli’’ ultimatum to Turkey in the case of war breaking out in Tzetzen, given that Turkey has already funded, supported and equipped, and also trained Tzetzen jihadists against Iraq and Syria and against Russia.
Let’s come back to the ‘’sms’’ sent to ALL JIHADISTS INSIDE GREECE TRANSMITTED BY MOSUL JIHADIST HEADQUARTERS. We are informed , by Greek-American patriots of American intelligence services, that the now unarmed jihadists in Greece intend to use the weapons hidden away in various locations by Albanian immigrants in Greece, through Albanian jihadist ‘’liaisons’’ . These Albanian ‘’liaisons’’ live in Greece and are about to receive extra military equipment by the jihadist brigade in Kossovo, and the NATO base located at the border of Kossovo and Skopje.

It is more than obvious that Greece is going through its LAST DAYS OF EXISTENCE AS A NATION AND STATE, unless the Greek government declares immediate mobilisation of the dismissed ‘’special forces’’ units , and unless it immediately sets up panhellenic National Guard units, with the 350,000 armed hunters being the first up for mobilisation, and unless its entire  perimeter of land and sea borders in the Aegean and Ionian is not adequately reinforced.

The present traitorous ‘’government’’ of SY.RI.ZA/AN.EL  is no such government, which means that THE GREEK ARMED FORCES AND GREEK POLICE MUST IMMEDIATELY OVERTHROW THIS TRAITOROUS GOVERNMENT ALONG WITH ITS EQUALLY TRAITOROUS POLITICAL PARTIES OF THE GREEK PARLIAMENT AND MUST APPOINT A GOVERNMENT COMPRISED OF NON-MASON TECHNOCRATS AND MILITANTS, capable of facing up to a ‘’STATE OF SIEGE’’ IN GREECE. This newly appointed government’s priority will be to OUST ‘’NATO’’ AND ‘’E.U’’ FROM GREECE , while its secondary actions would involve calling out to the ‘’U.N ‘’ (ONU) to undertake the nourishment, medicinal treatment and clothing of the migrants on Greece. Its third priority would be to OUST ALL NON-GOVERNMENT ORGANISATIONS (NGO) , ALBANIAN, BULGARIAN, SKOPJAN,TURKISH AND ROMANIAN MINORITY POPULATIONS FROM GREECE, that is, ALL B.A.S.T.R NATIONALS.


LONG LIVE RUSSIA, LONG LIVE GREECE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

ULTRA URGENT MESSAGE OF NATIONAL AND PLANETARY SECURITY!!!!!!! G.H.REES to : ALL governments of U.N member states (ONU), via their embassies and consulates in Athens , Greece.


G.H.REES to : ALL governments of U.N member states (ONU), via their embassies and consulates in Athens , Greece.


Tuesday 22/3/2016: “ Commencement of the foundations of WWIII in Brussels, Belgium, generally planned by hyperlodge ‘’HONG’’ of China , specially planned by the Hebrew-Saxon lodges of ‘’A.O.A’’ and ‘’O.T.O’’ in London, military operations planned by the U.S pentagon, which military operations are to be carried out by Turkey, Qatar, Israel, the U.S and the countries of the E.E (European Union/U.N).

Athens-Volos 22/3/2016.

G.H.REES are informing the governments of ‘’trilateral’’ treaty of ‘’U.S.E.J’’ (U.S-EUROPE-JAPAN), and rest of the governments of U.N nations that the terrorist jihadist attacks in Brussels today 22/3/2016, are not only aimed at Belgium, but they take on a rather symbolic character: ‘’ We ISIS warriers struck the E.E capital city , Brussels, to show everyone that ALL ‘’E.E’’ countries are our enemies , and that we will do the same in those countries as we did in their capital city of Brussels’’.

In our past G.HREES texts posted on ‘’ellhnkaichaos’’ website, we had already foreseen the above developments as the ‘’first step’’ towards establishing the causes of WWIII. The following steps , already foreseen in the previous G.H.REES texts will be:

2nd step: The European Union deports all Islamic populations residing on its territory.

3rd step: As a means of counterattack, Islamic countries completely cease the supply of oil and natural gas to E.E member states.

4th step: The united armed forces of the E.E (that is, ‘’NATO’’), faced with the above catastrophe launch a campaign against the Middle East, Eurasia and Africa, so as to take control of the Islamic oil refineries .

5th step: According to the existing defence ‘’ treaty of Shanghai’’ between Russia, Islamic nations and China (R.I.C) or the ‘’Shanghai Pact’’,  the armed forces of Russia and China are compelled to go to war with the armies of ‘’NATO’’ so as to drive them out of the oil refineries.

The above 5 steps constitute the ‘’prelude’’ to WWIII, planned by Chinese ‘’HONG’’ to be made up of three (3) stages, after which only the purely yellow races of Korea 777 and China 888 are to survive on the planet.
The Russian government , , has already been made aware of the above three (3) stages of WWIII, through special analytical written delivery via its embassy in Athens.

G.HREES will not repeat this special written updating pertaining to the stages of WWIII to the rest of planetary governments. We urge the rest of the world governments of U.N member states to get in touch with ‘’’ website and to get hold of the two ‘’DVD’s’’ which provide a full analysis of the above three stages of WWIII, planned by ‘’HONG’’ of China.

In the meantime , we call upon the governments of U.N member states (ONU) to permanently and irrevocably expel Turkey and Qatar from U.N , since , as has already been proven, these two criminal nations have funded, supplied, recruited and are hosting criminal ‘’ISIS’’ terrorists , and are mainly to blame for ‘’ISIS’’ terrorist attacks in European countries.

These criminal countries are also dragging ALL U.N member states (ONU) to their ultimate GENOCIDE by the Chinese and Korean armies in WWIII, after 2023, with an intermediate war of the armies of B.A.S.T.R (Bulgaria-Albania-Skopje-Turkey-Romania) against Greece in 2016.

On behalf of G.H.REES,
Karageorgiou, Cr.Cr. Giannis, G.H.REES representative,
National and planetary security general of G.H.REES.
12, Elpidos str. Nea Ionia, Volos, Greece.
Tel: 698 36 579 54.

P.S (1):

It might be impossible shortly for your diplomats in Greece to contact G.H.REES representative due to the fact that he is barely making ends meet on account of his permanent persecution by the Greek state.


G.H.REES are informing the governments of U.N member states that Turkey and Qatar have masterplanned and dispatched to Greece ISIS terrorist groups , so as to shortly carry out terrorist attacks of ISIS on Greece . The devious intention is for the Greek armed forces and Greek police to take armed violent actions against ISIS suspects in Greece , while Turkey and Qatar invade Greece with B.A.S.T.R having as ‘’moral alibi’’ the protection of their muslim brothers from the ‘’savagery’’ of the Greek armed forces and Greek police against them!!!!.
This planned invasion of B.A.S.T.R against Greece is well known to Jewish prime minister A.Chiprah, immigration minister Mouzalas (Moses) andSY.RI.ZA minister Mardas (Mardohai). Likewise , the representative of the Greek communist party Mailis (or Ishmail) is also in the know.

ALL of the above along with other members of the Greek communist party and SY.RI.ZA , are deviously keeping this information from the Greek armed forces and Greek police , and are traitorously conspiring against Greek national security for the invasion of Turkey and Saudi Arabia, during the joint Turkish-S.Arabian air-navy drills in the Aegean , from 21/3/16 to early April. The above information was forwarded to G.H.REES by Greek-Americans of fourteen U.S intelligence services.

The G.H.REES representative,
Karageorgiou Giannis.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Russian survival !!! Deceipt of the Russian-Hebrew leaders of the Kremlin by the Hebrews of London and Washington, Varuch chief rabbis, Rockefeller bankers , politicians like Kissinger etc. .G.H.REES (Group of Hellenic Re-establishment) to:

Russian survival !!!  Deceipt of the Russian-Hebrew leaders of the Kremlin by the Hebrews of London and Washington, Varuch chief rabbis, Rockefeller bankers , politicians like Kissinger etc. .G.H.REES (Group of Hellenic Re-establishment) to:

1.. The president of the Russian federation Mr. Vlandimir Putin, via the Russian ambassadors of the E.E member states (European Union).
2..The minister of the Russian Foreign Office Mr. S. Lavrof, via the Russian ambassadors of the E.U. member states (European union).
3..The Russian Defence minister Mr. S.Soigou, via military officials of the Russian embassies of the E.U member states (European Union).


Blatant deceipt of the Russian-Hebrew authorities of the Kremlin by Washington and London Hebrews ,Varouch chief Rabbis, Rockefeller and Rothschield bankers, Kissinger and other such politicians , pertaining to the Syrian, Ukrainian and Russian-Turkish issues. The Russian Hebrews are nothing more than just expendable and condemned to death in WWIII , on account of a collusion against them between the Chinese government and London and Washington Hebrew-Mongols.

Dear Sirs,

Mr.President, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Defence minister of the Russian federation,
On 11/3/2016, you officially announced to the international news agencies as well as the Russian ones  i.e,  ‘’ Ria Novosti’’ etc, your  final consensus with the U.S government to ‘’allow American air force aircraft based in Ingirlik , Turkey, to heavily bombard the Islamic state of ‘’ISIS’’ in the vicinity of the city of Raka in northern Syria, while you would reinforce your own air force in order to bombard against ‘’ISIS’’ in the rest of northern Syria ‘’.
On 11/3/2016 , at 20:30 local time in Greece, you were officially informed by G.H.REES’s official website ( , that the U.S. government has drawn up the planning and other staff plans of the land and air-navy invasion of the armies of B.A.S.T.R (Bulgaria-Romania-Skopje-Albania-Turkey) against Greece to take place on 25/3/2016,or alternatively on Easter Sunday  on  1/5/201.
On Saturday , 12/3/2016, and on Sunday  13/3/2016, you conducted ultra-urgent  , exceptional meetings at the Kremlin attended by military commanders, and where you took the decision to cancel your government consensus of 11/3/2016. On 14/3/2016, you officially announced to the international and Russian news agencies that rather than reinforcing the Russian armed forces in Syria, you decided on ‘’ the retreat of the Russian armed forces from Syria’’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Parallel to this , you also gave the order for ‘’all Russian navy vessels to immediately leave the Aegean front and sail back to the Russian navy yard at Crimea .’’.

It is more than obvious and self-evident  that your day and night long meetings at the Kremlin on 12/3/2016 and 13/3/2016 and the total change in your staff plans decided and officially announced internationally  on 11/3/2016 are attributed to the disclosures in the G.H.REES text of 10/3/2016 pertaining to ‘’war of B.A.S.T.R. against Greece’’, posted online on the night of 11/3/2016. The fact that you initially ordered the return of the Russian fleet to Crimea, as well as the compulsory disruption of naval supplies of the Russian army in Syria , means that you took G.H.REES’s information in its text very seriously and repatriated the Russian fleet back to Crimea , so it won’t have to be caught in the midst of war in the Aegean after 24/3/2016. You did very well in doing so in the sense that , while the ‘’NATO’’ fleet had orders to open pathways for the Russian ships to pass through safely , there was danger of the Turkish navy disobeying those orders and commencing fire on the Russian navy , on orders of paranoid, schizophrenic  Erdogan.  If that were to happen, the Russian navy would have to defend itself by returning fire , and according to article No 4 of the ‘NATO’’ articles of association, it would compel the entire ‘’NATO’’ fleet in the Aegean to engage in battle with the Russian navy , which would inevitably lead to the start of WWWIII  between ‘’NATO and SEATO’’, and the ‘’SHANGHAI TREATY’’ that is, trilateral R.I.C (RUSSIA-ISLAM-CHINA).

G.HREES’s text mentioned above , in all probability, averted the war between Greece and Turkey in the Aegean. If this war was allowed to take place, following the disclosures in the G.HREES text pertaining to ‘’ U.S and NATO planned attack of B.A.S.T.R against Greece’’, then it would have been impossible for Greece to accept to lead the armies of ‘’NATO’’ against those of ‘’R.I.C’’ in WWWIII after 2023, as it has been planned by the Chinese-Mongolian Hebrews of ‘’A.O.A’’ and ‘’ O.T.O’’ of London and Varouch chief rabbis. This planned attack of ‘’NATO’’ against ‘’R.I.C’’ would provoke the massive counterattack of the axis of ‘’ R.I.C’’ for the ultimate genocide of the people of the West and, during the second phase of WWWIII, for the genocide of the Russian and Islamic nations by the Chinese army, so as to finally establish a ‘’Chinese planetary dictatorship’’ or ‘’ the kingdom of Jehova-Sin-Sion-Sina (China)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

American Hebrew Kissinger was already  aware of the American planned invasion of B.A.S.T.R against Greece in March of 2016, before his last visit to Russia , but he kept this from you!!!.  Kissinger is a Sionist Hebrew, though he lacks the proper initiation of ‘’A.O.A’’ and ‘’ O.T.O’’ of London, as well as that of U.S chief Varouch rabbis. He advocates planetary Hebrew dictatorship.  He was ordered by the Rockefellers ( same initiation as the Varouch) to conceal from you the U.S planning of the invasion of B.A.S.T.R against Greece , without him knowing the reason for this concealment. In this case then, ‘’wise man’’ Kissinger turns out to be a ‘’great Hebrew idiot’’ !!!. Only the members of ‘’A.O.A’’ and ‘’ O.T.O’’ of London, U.S Varouch rabbis, and the Rockefellers /Rothschields , as Chinese ‘’Hong’’ triads (Hyperlodge of China) know the reasons behind this concealment. This reason is just stupidly straightforward , that is, ‘’ because you and the Russian high military command do not have the required initiation at the level of ‘’HONG triads’’, if you were made aware of the attack of B.A.S.T.R against Greece in March 2016, you would have acted in the same way as you did recently when you took the decision to immediately repatriate the Russian navy back to Crimea away from the Aegean , and you would have diminished the number of Russian military units in Syria , leaving Turkey struggling to establish the Kurdish state , which is being promoted by Varouch-Rockefeller-Rothschields in the U.S.

Thus our advice to you is to ‘’ immediately order free presence of the Russian navy in the Aegean and Syria , while at the same time you deliver a ‘’casus belli’’ war ultimatum to Turkey, in case of Turkish aircraft,vessels, and army land units attacking Russian armed forces or Russian citizens , and in case of violation of the air, sea, land borders of neighbouring countries with Turkey. Your justification for the above before the ‘’U.N’’ (ONU) should be that ‘’ Turkey is disrupting Eurasian peace and security’’.

What’s more, the above mentioned G.H.REES document of 10/3/2016 had a number of consequences within Greece itself:  The ridiculous stupid idiot CIA agent P.Kammenos (Defence minister of Greece) utterly panicking at the prospect of ‘’Greece being attacked by B.A.S.T.R , as is already planned by U.S  and NATO ‘’, and under pretence of F.Y.R.O.M being called ‘’ Macedonia’’ by Jewish SY.RI.ZA minister Mouzalas ( Moses) , minister Kammenos is getting ready to resign from the post of ‘’minister of Defence’’ so as not to burden himself with and be blamed for ‘’treason against the country’’ in case Greece gets defeated by the armies of B.A.S.T.R.

In the past,  the  G.H.REES representative delivered to the Russian embassy in Greece full reports of the planned genocide of the West, Russian people, and Islamic nations   by Chinese ‘’HONG’’  in WWIII, and eventually all Mongolian nations (white-yellow, black-yellow nations) on the premise that only the pure ‘’yellow sionist race’’ must be left on the planet in phase iii of WWIII.

In case the so-called ‘’INTELLIGENT’’ NSA services of the US and FSB of Russia have not by this stage been able to verify, crosscheck and realize and understand the G.H.REES reports and documents , then they should start looking for  coffins equal to the number of their respective populations , which should bear the following inscription: ‘’ This coffin contains an idiot promptly informed by the Greeks for his own survival’’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

We strongly advise the above ‘’ INTELLIGENT’’ services to collaborate with G.H.REES for their own national and planetary security and NOT LISTEN to the commands ordered by dark occult forces within masonic and Jewish lodges . If  not , then the members of these services along with their own peoples will be faced with GENOCIDE by Chinese ‘HONG’’ ( The genocide of 5 billion people , that is 2/3s of the planet)!!!!.

Karageorgiou Cr.Cr. Giannis, 
G.H.REES representative, 
National and planetary security General of G.H.REES. 
Address: Elpidos 12, Nea Ionia, Volos - Greece 
I.D. No.: D.424419 - of the Police Dpt Volos 
Mobile Telephone Number: +30 698.36.579.54


In our past reports to you via the Russian embassy in Athens, we strongly advised you to immediately set up ‘’ a ministry of religious peace ‘’ in Russia. However you chose to scorn our advice , and today Russia is faced with the imminent threat of a religious civil war , which is threatening to shatter and dismantle Russia from within, for example the establishment of the 3rd Jihadist headquarters of ‘’ISIS’’ in the area of Tzetzen in Russia, despite the other two ‘’ISIS’’ headquarters in Raka , Syria and in Mosul in Iraq. The reason we had suggested setting up the above mentioned ministry , is because we had foreseen today’s ‘’ISIS’’ movements together with the participation of naturally criminal schizophrenic Tzetzens within and outside Russia. This ministry must be set up immediately , today, in Moscow ,whose primary goal will be to appease the religious fanaticism in all religions within and outside of Russia , through employing ONLY peaceful mental and psychological methods .

P.S (2):

The political and military branches of G.H.REES have prepared measures/methods pertaining to mental, psychological, and military warfare which Russia must immediately implement against ‘’NATO’’ and ‘’SEATO’’ , and against ‘’ISIS’’, the Ukraine, and other nationalities  hostile toward Russia (Tzetzens etc.).  Concerning these measures/methods of military warfare, it is required that ‘’ no lives be threatened and no bodily harm be caused to any Russian officer/militant and any enemy of Russia’’, which may seem impossible to you though it isn’t. The above measures/methods are deemed highly confidential ,thus they will not be disclosed in this text. If you are indeed concerned with the survival of Russia , then arrange for a contact between Russian minister of foreign affairs S. Lavrof with the G.H.REES representative in Volos-Iolkos, via the Russian embassy in Athens , or you could arrange a contact of your presidential representative Mr. Peskov with the G.H.REES representative.

P.S (3):

In the event that G.HREES are convinced of the sincerity of the above contact, then, after you have taken actions to implement the advice given to you by G.HREES regarding Russia, and after you take actions to protect and support Greek national security , which actions you will be asked by G.HREES to take against B.A.S.T.R etc., then G.H.REES are willing to let Russia have access to its self-made defence technology against ‘’ concentrated Neutrino-Naser radiation ‘’, but only concerning slow-moving –heavy neutrinos, as defence and against cosmic threats. You will not be given access to defence technology against radiation from fast-moving lightweight neutrinos , nor will you be allowed access to full radiation technology of either fast-moving or slow-moving neutrinos , as this is ‘’ G.HREES strategic supremacy weaponry’’.
Neither the U.S nor China are in possession of this defence technology against radiation from heavy neutrinos.


We want to draw your attention to the fact that the Turkish command of semi-paranoid Erdogan , and ‘’incarnated devil’’ Turkish-Hebrew Davutoglou  regard the’’ semi-retreat’’ of the Russian forces from Syria as mockery against Turkey. It is certain that Turkey, before it falls prey to ‘’ peace negotiations’’ in Geneva as regards the Syrian issue, will attempt to provoke once again a war incident between Russia and ‘’NATO’’, and to invade northern Syria and northern Iraq against the Kurdish populations , and for the forces of ‘’ISIS’’ in Raka and in Mosul , both ‘’ISIS’’ headquarters, whilst benefiting from the oil refineries in Mosul Iraq. We trust that you will internationalise the above Turkish plans before the  U.N (ONU), and that you will promptly  denounce before the U.N that  ‘’ in doing so, Turkey is traitorously and deviously undermining the ‘’peace negotiations’’ in Geneva regarding the Syrian issue’’.  Notify ALL Islamic nations as well as those of Touranian-Mongolian populations , members of the U.N (ONU) , that Turkey has issued maps in which Turkey is depicted as the ‘’sun-lighthouse’’ while the above Islamic nations are depicted as ‘’ satellites- nationals’’ of the neo-ottoman empire of schizophrenic Erdogan. In the Turkish maps mentioned above, there are also both Islamic and Touranian minorities within the territories of the Russian federation as well as Islamic and Touranian nations of the former USSR in the eastern Urals, all of which are depicted as Islamic and Touranian ‘’satellites’’ of Turkey.
The above is sound proof that Turkey is blatantly and collusively threatening the territorial sovereignty of Russia , as well as Russian national security and survival , primarily due to its reinforcing of Tzetzen terrorist groups by Turkey itself.


We ask the Russian government to give Greeks its full support pertaining to the overthrow of the Hebrew government of SY.RI.ZA in Greece, used as tool of the  Hebrew Rothschield and Rockefeller  families and G.Soros, all of which are also deviously undermining Russian national security and survival!!!!!!!!!!!!.  Likewise we ask the Russian government to assist Greeks in overthrowing ALL political parties in the ‘’Greek’’ parliament.

LONG LIVE RUSSIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LONG LIVE GREECE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.